Witness in Manchester MC fraud trial says she encashed cheques valued about $15m

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — An associate of former deputy superintendent at the Road and Works Department at the Manchester Municipal Corporation, Sanja Elliott, testified in court today that she has encashed approximately 41 cheques, amounting to about $15 million, from the local government body for work not done.

The young woman said she met Elliot at the gym between 2013 and 2014 .

A general conversation one day while he was giving her a ride home, she said, led to him asking for her full name and taxpayer registration number (TRN), promising to find her a job.

She said the job did not come to fruition but she started receiving the cheques from the Manchester Municipal Corporation’s account.

The witness, who is the eighth in the trial to date, said she would encash the cheques at either of two branches of a financial institution in Mandeville town.

She said she gave the money to Elliott, Dwayne Sibblies, who was employed to Elliott and is also on trial, or another person, as instructed by Elliott.

She said Elliott would always give her a call each time a cheque was ready and gave her instructions on what to do with it.

She said a cheque could be as low as $10,000 or as high as about $490,000.

Eight people are now before the Manchester Parish Court on trial in relation to allegations of in excess of $400 million being misappropriated from the corporation.

Another witness, who said she was a friend of Elliott,  testified last Friday that she encashed a cheque in her name from the corporation but she too has never done work there or for the entity.

She said she gave the cheque to Sibblies, who took her to the bank to conduct the $300,000 transaction, and as instructed by Elliott, gave Sibblies the money to give to him.

The witness from Friday continued giving testimony this morning, where she was cross-examined by Elliott’s attorney, Norman Godfrey.

She appeared in court with her attorney. She did not have an attorney when she first gave testimony on Friday.

Her testimony ended today.

The Manchester Municipal Corporation invoices for the payments are for work such as beautification projects.

The witness on Friday identified approximately one dozen contractor’s invoices with her name, signature and TRN, for work not done.

– Alicia Sutherland


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