VIDEO: Strategy to deal with ‘lef or write’ coming, says police commissioner

VIDEO: Strategy to deal with ‘lef or write’ coming, says police commissioner

Observer staff reporter

Tuesday, December 04, 2018 31 Comments

NINE months after assuming the role of commissioner of police, Major General Antony Anderson is training his focus on the constabulary’s corrupt members.

Anderson, who was speaking at yesterday’s Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange at the newspaper’s head office in Kingston, said for the next few months special attention will be given to professional standards, including anti-corruption strategies and the issue of accountability within the force.

“The truth is that we have to build back that, because what used to be the anti-corruption branch of the force was removed and put at MOCA (Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency). Now, as MOCA becomes a separate entity, we have to have enough anti-corruption capacity to deal with most things. MOCA will largely be dealing with national and, perhaps, high-level [matters] within the force and wider public sector type of corruption. We have to deal with ‘lef and write’,” Anderson told reporters and editors.

‘Lef or write’ is the term used to describe the act in which motorists are given the option of paying police officers on the spot to avoid being ticketed for a traffic offence or choosing for that officer to write the ticket.

“We have a strategy. It was used in the past, and we will roll it out [again] and as you see it roll out more will come,” he said.

General Anderson explained that the first problem he had to tackle was the murder rate.

“When you come to this job your first call or your first responsibility is to ensure that the murder rate is trending in the right direction, which is downwards. We should be having less and less violent crimes in Jamaica. So that obviously is the first thing that we do, because, clearly, if that doesn’t start to happen very quickly, then I would have the Observer to answer to, among others, about why it’s not happening,” he said.


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