“Not Guilty” plea by Attorney, Convicted Drug Trafficker etal

Not Guilty, was the plea of all six accused in the matter against attorney-at-law Dawn Satterswaite, convicted transnational drug trafficker Andrew Hamilton and their co-conspirators when the trial began in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court yesterday, October 19, 2017.

The six, Dawn Satterswaite, Andrew Hamilton, Terrence Allen, Paulette Higgins, Janet Ramsey and Ann-Marie Cleary were all charged by detectives from MOCA for breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

In December 2013, Satterswaite, Higgins, Ramsey and Cleary were charged following predawn operations carried out by the then MOCA Taskforce and FID, with assistance from other JCF formations. The operations which were as a result of a protracted transnational investigation by MOCA and FID into a case of money laundering and other financial crimes, were carried out simultaneously in Upper St. Andrew, East Kingston, Portmore, St. Catherine and Mandeville, Manchester.

Following further investigations Terrence Allen, husband of Satterswaite was also charged in the matter. Hamilton, who is a former member of the JCF was arrested and charged by detectives from MOCA in December 2016 subsequent to his deportation from the United States after serving four and a half years there on drug trafficking charges.

The trial is set to continue in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Monday December 11, 2017.

MOCA wishes to remind members of the public who may have any information that could assist in any other investigation to call MOCA at 754-3435 or 906-5099 or 851-0113 or 1-800-CORRUPT or by email at moca@jcf.gov.jm  More information is on the MOCA.gov.jm website or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MOCAJamaica and follow MOCA on Twitter @MOCAJamaica.


Not Guilty” plea by Attorney, Convicted Drug Trafficker etal

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