MOCA Bill to improve management of organised crime — Montague

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, in his contribution to the Bill shortly entitled “The Major Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Agency, Act, 2017” in the House of Representatives this afternoon, said the ministry is of the view that passing the Bill can only serve to strengthen our ability to manage organised crime.

The minister referred to a clause-by-clause examination of the Bill, outlining that since the tabling of the Bill in April, the ministry has received some comments from INDECOM, which have been considered and adopted, where appropriate.

He said these amendments will be tabled in the House at the next sitting when the debate on the Bill continues.

In closing his presentation, the minister said MOCA will: provide the sustained, focused, strong cross-cutting investigations; and integrate complex legal, financial and personal data from diverse sources and jurisdictions, which will aid in tracing and seizing the proceeds of organised crime over the long term.

Overtime, he said, the agency is expected to break the power of major criminals, eliminate the influence of facilitators and eradicate the pervasive corruption that allows criminality to flourish.

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