Message from the Minister of National Security (Extracted from MOCA’s Corporate Strategy)

Message from the Minister of National Security

The activities of major organised criminal networks and the scourge of corruption have long posed a significant threat to Jamaica’s stability and the security of its citizens. Criminal ‘Kingpins,’ their facilitators and corrupt public officials have over many years established themselves and executed their nefarious activities to the detriment of the Jamaican society and the diminished security of its citizens. These activities have tarnished the reputation and credibility of the State and have stymied the country’s full potential for growth and development.

The need to tackle the problems posed by these activities has over previous years resulted in the implementation of a variety of law enforcement initiatives and the passage of supported legislation. Among these initiatives was the establishment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Anti Corruption Branch in 2007, which as per its mandate, focused on Police corruption. Another was the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force established in 2012 which had the stated mandate to focus on targeting major organised crime networks, the facilitators of organised criminal activities and perceived widespread public sector corruption.

These organisations have over time demonstrated significant competencies in tackling the illicit and nefarious activities within their mandated areas of focus. It however became patently evident that there existed a significant nexus and overlap in their operational focus. A merger was the logical course of action.

This merger has created a single entity – the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA). This Agency, established under a unified command, has improved intelligence and technical expertise to support enhanced investigative and operational capacity. MOCA has the autonomy to investigate any and all activities within its mandated areas of interest, and will ultimately bring a structured and focused law enforcement approach to addressing these threats, which so negatively impact Jamaica.

This merger represents the Government’s continued commitment to fight the scourge of corruption in Jamaica and to target the main players in major organized criminal activities and the facilitators who support them. MOCA is poised to significantly impact the activities of corruption and major organized crime; with the support of well thinking and patriotic Jamaicans, and armed with enabling legislation, the Agency will succeed in its focused endeavour.

Hon. Peter Bunting, MP
Minister of National Security


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