JCF to re-establish internal anti-corruption mechanism

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has said he will be re-establishing an internal anti-corruption mechanism in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
This was among measures announced by him on Friday as part of plans to reform the police force.
General Anderson said there is a significant need for the force to conduct greater scrutiny of its members to ensure they are not involved in acts of corruption.
He noted that, while the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) has been tasked to investigate reports of corruption, the JCF will need its own capability to look at corruption within the force in an effort to self regulate.
No private protection 
General Anderson said police officers are not allowed to provide private protective services.
“The only mechanism for doing extra work is through a programme. There is a policy around extra work; there is an extra work programme; there is specific rates that are done and bodyguarding is not one of those things that are allowed,” he explained.
The Police Commissioner said the Inspectorate of Constabulary will be investigating reports that some cops have been engaging in the practice.
Service vehicles  
The Police Commissioner, in the meantime, said there are mechanisms to track the use of service vehicles including those used in undercover operations.
“The normal patrol vehicles and police vehicles will be visible from our normal monitoring centre; undercover will be treated differently, but both will be tracked,” he declared.
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang had announced a reform of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, including the disbanding of Mobile Reserve, following an incident in Spanish Town, St. Catherine on Sunday, April 28 involving off duty police officers.
The controversial incident left three people dead after a shooting at a dance, a high speed chase, a subsequent two-vehicle crash and then further reported shootings.

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