On January 18, 2009 the ACB launched the 1-800-CORRUPT line which is monitored off-shore. This toll free number provides an independent, secure and anonymous telephone line through which members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Customs and the general public may pass information/intelligence on corrupt practices/actions of employees of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Customs Officials.

To assist the agency; since August 2014, the 1-800-CORRUPT confidential number has been adopted by Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) as a hotline for reporting organised crime as well as corruption.

How The Line Works
All calls that are made to the 1-800-CORRUPT number are answered at an off-shore Crime Stoppers International Call Centre.
The information/intelligence provided by the caller are sanitized and thereafter forwarded to a dedicated point of contact within MOCA.
All information received is acted upon in real time.
It is believed that many persons would willingly give information if they are of the opinion that their identity will be kept anonymous. The assurance given here is that the 1-800-CORRUPT line is absolutely secure.
The effectiveness and integrity of this reporting line must be maintained if the 1-800-CORRUPT toll free number is to reap the desired success.
The staff at the call centre of the 1-800-CORRUPT number are not interested in the identity of the source, just the information/intelligence that the caller has, remember, your identity will never be requested.
There are numerous instances in which information received via 1-800-CORRUPT has been acted on resulting in numerous investigations and arrests of Police personnel and others involved in corrupt and unethical practices.